4 Reasons Why You Should Do A LASIK Treatment

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What Is Cornea?


The part of the eye which helps focus light and which is responsible for creating an image on the retina, is called the cornea.  The shape of the cornea can sometimes be a little bit distorted, which in return results in the image which is out to focus or distorted.

What Is Lasik?


LASIK surgery uses a laser to correct your vision.  It is very precise and it removes the corneal tissue by using a special laser, which reshapes the cornea. In this way LASIK manages to change the focusing power of cornea and improves your vision.

What Vision Errors Can You Treat With LASIK?

LASIK can help you correct refractive errors of the vision, that is the errors which are caused by the focus. Mainly those are myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. Even common combinations such as: myopia and astigmatism and hyperopia and astigmatism can be treated by LASIK surgery.

Should You Do It?

LASIK surgery can only benefit you and your sight, therefore I really don’t see the reason why you shouldn’t do it.  A lot of people postpone the LASIK treatment, because they are afraid or skeptical about the benefits of LASIK.  However, especially in the recent period LASIK has become a standard procedure, not more threatening or complicated than it is your visit to the dentist’s office (and even those can sometimes be more painful than LASIK).


If you all are still indecisive whether or not you should go for a LASIK treatment, here’stop four reasons why you really shouldn’t hesitate.

1.LASIK Will Improve Your Vision

With LASIK you will be able to improve your vision, in a quick and easy way.  Do you know what that means?  That means that you will finally be able to look at the objects both in your proximity, and far away, without any help! Wouldn’t that be of tremendous help?

2.LASIK Has Long-Term Effects

With LASIK you will be able to correct your vision once and for all.  The long-term effects of LASIK procedure is what appeals to most patients.

3.Speedy Recovery

Furthermore, it won’t take months, weeks or even days for you to recover! You don’t believe me? Sure, you want be able to drive back after having a LASIK, but you will be able to return to your normal schedule and they often are surgery, with a near perfect vision!

4.No More Annoying Contacts/Glasses!

Contacts and glasses are very annoying for everyone who has to wear them.  Furthermore, contacts are somewhat pricey, and you will spend up to $400 per year, just on contacts.  Wouldn’t it be much easier for you to save money, as well as effort of having to have your contacts and glasses always around, just by having a simple LASIK corrective procedure? Think about that. I can guarantee you won’t regret going for a LASIK procedure!

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