Everything You Must Know About Employer Nomination Scheme

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The following details will give you important information you must know regarding the Employer Nomination Scheme of Australia. This information will guide you to understand the scheme fully before application.

Visa Matters

If you know that you are qualified to be one of the many skilled workers the country of Australia is in need of, a visa of Employer Nomination Scheme with a subclass 168 is all you need. Application for this type of visa will require you two major processes, first, is the approved Australian Employer’s nomination as well as the nominated stream application. This type of visa program is being sponsored by the employer which is sure permanent.

employer nomination

This type of Visa is a permanent Residential Visa which will be able to give you the right to get in and out of the country when you own one. Then if you are currently residing in Australia, it is important for you to have the substantive type of visa or may also be a bridging visa in either categories of A, B and C.

Having this type of visa corresponds to three types of streams and there are the following.

The Temporary Residence Transition

This type for visa is considered for the subclass 457 types of visa holders that gained an experience of working for at least two years in the country, another, when you are holding this type of Visa, having the same type of job with the nominating employer that has lodged a nominations that is already considered valid and upon the Temporary Residence Stream, that will be more than willing to provide you a permanent position with the job that you are into. Contact migration lawyers Melbourne for more specific information regarding these types of visas if you live in Melbourne.

The Direct Entry

This type of stream is for the workers who have been nominated by their employers under the said stream. Either which, this visa is for the people who never had any experience or just worked in the country for a very short period of time as well as with the residents that are considered to be temporary for not qualifying to the Residence Transition Stream mentioned above.


The Agreement- This stream is a sponsored type of stream by the employer for the worker’s labor agreement or contract.

When you are to apply with the Employer Nomination Scheme type of Visa which is the subclass 186, you must start with the application right after you were able to be nominated by your Australian employer. You will be given a period of six months for you to lodge your application right before the approval of your application. Applying your visa in a stream is a must as well as with the nominated position that your employer gave you, if not, your application will automatically be refused.

These are the things that you must know upon application for the Employer nomination scheme visa in Australia. If you are an employer, you may check any other sources that are available online for you to see your  designated requirements.

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